Just Lions is a Portland, OR-based Rock/Pop/Jazz trio comprised of brothers Chandler and Brady Strutz, as well as their childhood friend Andrew Shepherd. Formed in 2008, The band’s crisp live set is driven by catchy guitar solos, energetic drumming, and tight harmonies. Andrew and Chandler have been in bands together for over a decade. Brady and Chandler have been quarreling in the backseat of family sedans for the better part of two decades. Starting Just Lions is one of the best ideas to ever come from a Denny’s in the middle of the night (second only to, “Let’s stop going to Denny’s”). Some major influences include Elliott Smith, Radiohead, Weezer, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles.

“If you haven’t checked out Just Lions yet, what are you waiting for? The Portland trio has a new EP, Paper Cage, and it’s very fine indeed. In three mere tracks, Just Lions pack in enough sound and melody to fill up a full-length album, finding new and creative ways to use the rock template laid out by old stalwarts like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Radiohead (it’s usually a bad sign when a band cites these types of generic, omnipresent influences, but in Just Lions’ case, the comparisons are apt). What they remember is to make all this classic-rock studiousness sound like actual fun, and their jubilant songs bounce, grin, stutter, sparkle, and—yes, when the situation calls for it—rock.” -NED LANNAMANN, The Portland Mercury

“Lazy Sunday afternoon vocals and crashing guitar, building and feeding into the kind of melody that makes you want to delete everything else on your MP3 player. That is to say, it’s well good.” -Drunken Werewolf (UK)

“hook-heavy, angular indie rock with jazz’s trademark rhythmic complexity.” -The Owl Mag

Just Lions will bring a tasty, jazz-tinted rock n’ roll jamboree that to leave your ear buds buzzing with excitement.” -The Portland Deli Magazine

“Just Lions are clearly on the rise and I’d keep a look out for more greatness from them soon.” -The Kollection

“The lyrics tend toward the gloomier side of things, but they are cleverly veiled among major chord changes, fast-moving arrangements, and well-produced auxiliary instrumentation.”

“Just Lions is the Portland-based trio responsible for what is probably my favorite new road trip music.” -You, Me, & Charlie

“It may be that college-rock scene that they’re tapping into here, but they do it in a way that shuns direct imitation and keeps their sound lively.” -Sound of Confusion (UK)

The band’s most recent release, Great. Okay. (6/30/14) is the third in a planned series of three-song EPs, following Paper Cage (10/2/13), and Monsters (1/22/13).

You might have heard some of our tracks on one of Portland’s rad local radio stations. “Monsters” was also included in the PDX Pop Now! 2013 compilation, as well as’s Homegrown Volume Six. “Great. Okay.” was featured in Tender Loving Empire’s 2014 compilation. Huge thanks to 94.7, 94.7/too,, Tender Loving Empire,,, KZME, KPSU, and KMUZ. All EPs are available on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, and pretty much everywhere else.