Oct 14

December to Remember with Cage the Elephant!!!

We’re opening for Cage the Elephant at the Crystal Ballroom for December to Remember!!!


You may not have noticed, but we are incredibly excited for this one. Definitely going to be the biggest show we’ve played so far! AND it’s already sold out(!!!), so hopefully you grabbed a ticket. If not, I’m sure the wonderful folks over at 94/7 KNRK will be giving a few away as the date gets closer. Stay tuned. Huge thanks to all of the staff at 94/7 Alternative Nation for such a rad opportunity. Check out the full lineup, including some other great local acts here.

Or just read this poster.

If you missed out on buying a ticket, fear not! We’re playing an all-ages show 11/1 at a new venue in town called S.1. Check out the details in our “shows” section.


In other news, Friends and Friends of Friends volume 7 came out today, and our song “Great. Okay.” is on it! We’re really excited to be a part of such a fun compilation, curated by Tender Loving Empire. Check out all of the other bands, including tons of OUR friends and favorites in town here. TLE does wonderful things for the local community and artists, and if you’re from Portland, you’ve probably heard of one or many of the bands they represent. (including our band crush Radiation City).



Good things are happening! We’ll keep you posted here as they unfold. Thanks for being so rad.


Jun 30

Great. Okay. EP Out Today!!

Really excited to say The Great. Okay. EP is out today! (rhymes). Head over to bandcamp and pick your price for the EP. Free downloads are cool, and any money you can throw us just goes to recording new songs faster!

Here’s how you can help this be successful:

1. download the EP.
2. Listen to the EP.
3. Tell a friend(s) to do the same(s).
4. Let us know what you think on facebook/twitter/etc.
6. Let EVERYONE know what you think by writing a review (Itunes, CDBaby, Amazon.com, etc).

*we’ve omitted the number five because it’s a bit cliche, don’t you think?


Great. Okay. album art


Here’s what the press is saying so far:

End Hits
The Sound of Confusion (UK)
The Portland Deli
Indie Artist Mag




Come to the release show tonight at Mississippi Studios! Show is FREE as part of the Portland Mercury’s Ear Candy Series. Bear & Moose and Animal Eyes open. Click the sweet Showdeer poster design for the link to the facebook event:


Great. Okay. Release Poster


Other ways to hear the Great. Okay. EP:
CD Baby (they take the smallest cut out of anyone)
Spotify (listen, and listen again!)




Thanks for listening, sharing and making it possible to keep doing music! See you TONIGHT!!


Jun 23

OPB Music First Listen!!

Well, we can’t say we are not excited to share the new songs with you. That would be a lie. I have never told a lie in my life. Except for that time when I was George Washington.

OKAY, on to real things! We are super, super excited to announce our new EP, which is out next Monday, 6.30.14 is available to stream via NPR affiliate opbmusic.org! They’re giving you the first listen, so head over listen to the tracks a bunch and get amped for the release show at Mississippi Studios. (FREE SHOW!!). Check out what Matt at OPB has to say about the EP here.

This week will be a flurry of getting a hundred things ready for our special day, but I will try to keep reviews and links and things posted as they develop. Keep checking back in!

Huge thanks to Gustav and crew at 94.7/94.7 Too, for spinning the title track (digitally)! They’ll be featuring it on the day of the release/show at 2pm, so be sure to tune in or stream it online.

We’ve also heard it on XRAY.fm, and KZME, locally. (let us know if we’ve missed any).

Here’s what Sean at Indie Artist Magazine had to say about the EP: Indie Mag Feature

May 21

A-MAY-zing (like the month…of May)

Well don’t I just look like a rascal, flat on his hide with a bucket of crud?!

Sorry for the slow posts on here. Been busy, gang. But that means new stuff to share! MOST importantly: Our new EP “Great. Okay.” is coming out 6/30! Doing the release show at Mississippi Studios for The Portland Mercury’s Ear Candy shows, which means it’s COMPLETELY FREE!!! ALSO great news, our main dudes Animal Eyes are playing, as well as Bear & Moose. It’s gonna rock.

More on that soon. Here’s what you might’ve missed recently:

94.7 played the title track from our new EP, along with a super nice shout out from Gustav! I could listen to that guy say anything, and I bet it’d sound cool. So you can imagine hearing his smooth, soothing…smoothing, if you will, voice talk about us was something of a trip!

Local coolass, Ben Hubbird has also been “spinning” the track over on his XRAY.fm show. If you don’t know about XRAY.fm, you aren’t from these parts. It’s ONLY Portland’s coolest new online radio station, run by a bunch of rad PDX DJs/musicians/scenesters. If you want to learn more or pledge to their cause click here.

Two weeks ago we had the honor to play for OPBmusic and OPB‘s Stagepass Series, along with Modern Kin at Mississippi Studios. It was such a fun show, and there should be a video or two surfacing before too long. We’ll be sure to post it EVERYWHERE once it’s available. Also, go see Modern Kin. Real dynamic trio of talented folks.

Just got one of the nicest reviews from Drunken Werewolf over in the UK. They posted our video for Paper Cage. Go check it out and see what they had to say here:


I’m sure I missed something, but that’s a good feel for what we’ve been up to in the wizarding world of music. Your support is magic, and as Voldemort keyed, “magic is might.”

love you,

PS I forgot to MAY-ke more May-themed puns. MAY-be I’m not the MAY-or of puns, but I MAY have a gift for diction May-hem. I am as proud as the MAY-ne of a MAY-ple thoroughbred…Sorry I guess I MAY-med that one a bit. Mayhaps this is the end. For now. (MAY!).

Please enjoy this list of celebrities named “May”:

Also “Aunt May” from Spiderman.

Apr 04

Paper Cage Music Video up now!

Stoked to have a new music video out for our song Paper Cage. Thanks to Ned at the Portland Mercury for debuting it for Video Vriday. Check out what Ned says here:

Our buddy Phillip Abraham (phillipabraham.com) put this together in his spare time and it turned out pretty rad! Something fun to look at while you listen. Plus you get to see me wipe out on a public bridge.


Start streaming it, and passing it around. We’re gonna get to a million plays on this one. (OR ELSE!).

Sorry, I’m just excited for MEDIA CONTENT!!! Enjoy the music video, if you might.


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