Apr 10

April is for Turtles

Hey best friends,

Doug Fir show was a SMASHING success! …in that I smashed my finger then got smashed afterwards, playing super smash brothers while listening to smashing pumpkins doing covers of smashmouth. (Hey now!).

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

So even if none of those things happened, it was a fun show and we love all of you who made Tuesday night Adventure Night™. Awesome sets from new buds Bike Thief and Small Skies. Huge thanks to Eric Skelton at Vortex Music Mag for letting us steal his cell phone pictures.

10629321_977776915589020_6075096999543398930_oReally excited to play Bunk Bar this Saturday (4/11) with mega smooth Rio Grands and The Minders! I haven’t seen the Minders yet, but they opened for Elliott Smith a long time ago and I will be forever jealous/in awe of them.

After that Adam Sweeney (The Breaking/Just Lions bassist) and I will be doing a quick trip to Washington to play a solo show in Doe Bay.

The NEXT weekend (4.25) the full crew heads to Olympia for another house show! All-ages. If I survive all the fun in April we’re all getting motorcycles. Not optional. Just get one.


And last but certainly not least, we’re SUPER excited to announce we’ll be heading to the Fisherman’s Village Music Festival in Everett in May. Check out the poster (left) for all the crazy talented acts playing. GET AT US WASHINGTON!!! (tell yr buds so we can keep playing out).

Love you all, and love YOU especially (you know I’m talking to you).

-Chandler and dudes

Mar 12

Back at the Doug Fir 3.24

Hey Fambly,

Getting all geared up for Doug Fir on 3.24! Can’t wait to share our brand new song with you. Probably calling it “Bad Haircut” but we’re artsy and shit changes, so be cool about it. Make sure you get there on time to catch Small Skies dougfir3.24.15(formerly Stepkid), then stick around after us for Bike Thief! Huge thanks to 94/7 KNRK for playing our song and promoting the show!

Click here to buy a ticket.

Click the Showdeer poster (left) to RSVP on Facebook.

Just added an ALL-AGES house show to May. When all the good venues close, make your own! (srsly haus showz r dope–let us play @ urs). More details soon.

Still plugging away in the studio. Hoping to have something to share fairly soon. Thanks for waiting patiently. We ain’t rich kids.

Also recently had our song “Too Close?” played at half-time of the Blazers game. Grew up watching them, so it was kind of a huge deal for me/us. Love the local love from PTB crew. (Thanks Todd!).

Keep being rad and we’ll all hang out soon!

-Chandler (and the dudes)

Feb 04



Photo by Tom Chamberlain

Photo by Tom Chamberlain

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

We recently played our favorite Portland venue, Mississippi Studios with the wonderful Thanks and Us Lights! (1.24.15). Both bands put on super rad sets to the sold-out crowd. Huge thanks (no pun intended) to the intensely cool folks at XRAY.fm for sponsoring/hanging out! The show also got a really great write-up from John at Vortex music magazine!

Check out what Vortex had to say, and see some photos from the night here.

The homie Tom Chamberlain got some really great shots of the night. Head to his site and check them out. Dude is talented!

We ranked pretty high on the Portland Deli Magazine Poll for emerging artists of 2014, which was flattering and awesome!

We’ll be taking a short break to record and get some new songs ready for our show at Doug Fir 3.24.15. with Bike Thief and Small Skies. See you soon! Until then, be on the lookout for more updates on new songs, shows, and new songs about shows.



Jan 15

Happy New Year! (a post about the old year)

In 2014 Just Lions played a sold out December to Remember show at the Crystal Ballroom with Cage the Elephant, opened for Said the Whale at Lola’s Room, released a music video and another EP (and started tracking a new one for next year), put out a solo EP, filmed an OPBmusic live session at Mississippi Studios, were part of the Tender Loving Empire compilation, shredded at Pioneer Square for the Portland fashion expo, played showcase shows for KPSU, The Portland Deli, Sofar Sounds, Big Ass Boombox, and had a bunch of rad shows in between. Expect new songs, and more cool shows in 2015, Portland and beyond!

photo credit: Kevin Gilgan

What a killer year! Super huge thanks to everyone who made it to a show/bought our music this year. Really love you all and appreciate the support. We’ll keep plugging away if you’ll keep listening. THANK YOU AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Dec 15

12.8.14 with Cage the Elephant

12.8.14 at The Crystal Ballroom with Cage the Elephant

Welp, pretty fantastic week last week. Our December to Remember show with Cage the Elephant at the Crystal Ballroom was everything we’d dreamed of and more. Looking out to the sea of people was such a trip! And they were all looking back! Seriously great crowd and amazing night. Really grateful we got to meet so many new fans and probably best friends. Thanks to everyone who’s checked us out since!

Cage the Elephant puts on a pretty insane live show too. Haven’t seen that much energy from a band of their status in a LONG while. Kinda makes me wish I’d taken my shirt off…you know, sooner than after the show, when I saw the lead singer with his shirt off. Samesies!

Chandler and Matt, enjoying eachother's strength.

Chandler and Matt, enjoying each other’s strength.

Fun fact: keys/guitar guy in CTE, Matthen (not photographed), is from Portland and his band is called YOURS and they are rad.

Just can’t say thanks enough to the wonderful folks at 94/7.fm for all their support for local music. We know several of the other local bands who got to play similar shows to all you die hard music fans, all thanks to KNRK and the Crystal Ballroom.

here are some photos of our set, thanks to our buddy Thomas. (http://thomaschamberlain.com/):

Just Lions, Crystal Ballroom 2014-12-08Just Lions, Crystal Ballroom 2014-12-08Just Lions, Crystal Ballroom 2014-12-08Just Lions, Crystal Ballroom 2014-12-08Just Lions, Crystal Ballroom 2014-12-08Just Lions, Crystal Ballroom 2014-12-08Just Lions, Crystal Ballroom 2014-12-08Just Lions, Crystal Ballroom 2014-12-08Just Lions, Crystal Ballroom 2014-12-08Just Lions, Crystal Ballroom 2014-12-08

in summary: magic.

Working on some new recordings, one of which you should be hearing fairly soon, if you keep your ears…peeled. We’ve got two Portland shows coming up that we’re stoked for, but are looking for another all-ages one asap. We know it can suck being young and trying to go to shows.

12/23/14 Ugly Sweater show @Valentine’s
Autonomics and Bevelers. Free. 21+

1/24/15 @Mississippi Studios
with Thanks and Us Lights. 21+

If you get a minute, go find us online–we’re on EVERY social media platform ever. We’re new to Pandora, so our “Just Lions Radio” is still being shaped by what you guys listen to/like, etc. The more you listen, the better it becomes, which gets our tunes out to even more people!

Pandora link.

Thanks again for the love and support! Couldn’t do this without all of you. If you read this whole thing, here is a joke, as special thanks:

Very appropriate and VERY funny joke.

Very appropriate and VERY funny joke.

-Chandler and the dudes

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